Vladimir Tarasov

Vladimir Tarasov – a person who listens, touches, watches, shares, moves, describes tango. DJ photographer, teacher, organiser, but what is the most important a tanguero with passion. His tango adventure began in 2011 in Moscow. From the very beginning, when he was going to milongas he was watching the dance floor through the lense of his camera  and stopped this  magic world on his pictures. When he was living in Russia he started to infect the others with tango as a teacher. In 2016 he moved to Kraków where he became a part of team. He develops the tango awareness of others giving regular classes and weekend workshops. He also gave shows on various milongas and concerts. He co organises Krakus Aires Tango Festival. Recently he infects people with Argentine folk dances. Also in Krakow he begun to DJ. He was Djing on local and international events in Kraków and elsewhere.

As a dancer he is a master and loves to play with rhythm and soft but dense embrace. For both Vladimir the dancer and Vladimir the DJ – on the floor the most important is energy, and exchange of vibrations between the dancers. The source of this exchange  is music. IN his opinion the energy should flow from the music to people and opposite. In the beginning he starts with the Golden Era and then it depends on people.

Dagmara (DagKa La Polaca) spent many years working in the Balkan region. She dances Argentine Tango since 2005. Following the principle: if there is no tango organise it in 2011 she initiated Argentine tango in Sarajevo where she opened her first milonga “Pocas Palabras.” There she started her DJing adventure.

She was DJing on milongas and festivals in Europe (Macedonia N., Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland), as well as on marathons, festivals and milongas in Argentina (Cordoba, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Tandil) and Chile. “I love the Golden Era… what can I do” – Dagmara always follows what happens on the dance floor sensing the feelings of the dancers and on the go prepares tandas, breaking the stereotypes but the same time assuring that each note takes your soul to dance.

Dagmara Pilaszek

Esteban Mario Garcia

I am originally from Buenos Aires; since 2002, I have been based in Geneva, Switzerland. I took my first Tango steps thanks to the nostalgia for my motherland.

Now I share my passion for tango by teaching, organizing milongas, and DJing all around Europe. I take every opportunity I have to dance in as many cities, festivals, and marathons as possible. Also, I continue exploring and developing our dance by attending seminars in order to explore new techniques and find inspiration. And of course, I am always searching for that perfect tanda.

Tango music is incredibly powerful.

I look for power in every track I play, no matter if it’s guardia vieja or guardia nueva.

An approach with proved to be successfulat numerous milongas and festivals in Ukraine and abroad.

German Nemoljakin

Piotr Kozołub

 It has been almost 11 years since Tango found me and for the last 9 years I have been playing tango as a DJ. My music selection is always based on the character of milonga, the people who come and my personal fascinations. I like to discover new sounds and interpretations of Golden Age Classics. I take special care to make sure, that I would enjoy dancing each tanda myself, but the biggest problem are always the last tanda – whether to calm the atmosphere down with gentle Fresedo or heat it up with D”Arienzo/Valdez… Either way – there must be EMOTIONS .


Passionate milonguero, dancer and Tango-Dj for about 20 years, likes to feel the vibrations of the heart of each of the dancers who are in each moment on the dance floor, his wide musical selection walks from the orchestras of the “Guardia Vieja” to the more contemporary orchestras with sounds more enveloping, conforming the “Golden Age”, the solid basis of his repertoire… Canaro, D’Arienzo, Di Sarli, Troilo never missing in his musical selection when he is responsible for playing the music.

At this moment, he lives and works in Alicante (Spain) and in addition to all the events and milongas in which he is invited you can find him regularly as Dj resident in “Lo de Toya” Milonga.


Paxti Marin

Roberto Tucci

“I always stayed in the milonga with a small group of friends until the very end, we were the ones who needed a few more tandas for complete happiness. So when the DJ left, I put the music on my phone for half an hour or so and my friends were happy. Once one of the organizers suggested me as a DJ in a big milonga. So I started this wonderful experience. Now I regularly put on music in Rome and some other Italian cities and recently started DJing in Russia.

I think that DJ has a big responsibility. When I put on music, I try to understand the tastes, mood, and feelings of the dancers in order to offer suitable music, enter into dialogue with them, and win confidence.

I try to take care of all the details in order to get this result, and when I achieve it, a tangible connection arises between me and the dancers. And it is a great pleasure! How do I understand if my job was a success? When people can relax in a milonga, when they smile, chat, dance and exchange feelings.

I think that the most important quality of a DJ is sensitivity. He needs to feel people and serve them in the best way. Because without people you do not have milongas. I admire the variety of music in which great orchestras managed to express the same set of feelings. Each song is unique and precious. I like how music can unite two different people in the creation of dance, which is a part of life.”

– Roberto Tucci