Krzysztof Szelegieniec

Official video operator

When I do photography I’m interested in capturing light and the moment. When I’m directing photography there is an additional factor, movement, which allows me to create new or just gain existing mood. During editing I prefer looking for connections to make cutting on action, however, I do not stick to that absolutely. There is always some uncertainty about final look.

Official photographer

Passionate about tango and photography. Ernest has been dancing for over 20 years – first salsa, and since 2009 – tango. He says about his photography that it is his most devoted lover – abandoned many times for other interests, photography always comes back to him and accompanies him for many years. Ernest photographs as he dances – with heart and commitment.

Ernest Winkowski

Vladimir Tarasov

Official photographer

Vladimir Tarasov – a person who listens, touches, watches, shares, moves, describes tango. DJ photographer, teacher, organiser, but what is the most important a tanguero with passion. His tango adventure began in 2011 in Moscow. From the very beginning, when he was going to milongas he was watching the dance floor through the lense of his camera  and stopped this  magic world on his pictures. When he was living in Russia he started to infect the others with tango as a teacher. In 2016 he moved to Kraków where he became a part of team. He develops the tango awareness of others giving regular classes and weekend workshops. He also gave shows on various milongas and concerts. He co organises Krakus Aires Tango Festival. Recently he infects people with Argentine folk dances. Also in Krakow he begun to DJ. He was Djing on local and international events in Kraków and elsewhere.

As a dancer he is a master and loves to play with rhythm and soft but dense embrace. For both Vladimir the dancer and Vladimir the DJ – on the floor the most important is energy, and exchange of vibrations between the dancers. The source of this exchange  is music. IN his opinion the energy should flow from the music to people and opposite. In the beginning he starts with the Golden Era and then it depends on people.