Rooms at Hotel Ośla Bramha, Hotel Książ, Hotel Zamkowy and Hotel Maria have been reserved for participants in the marathon.

Full package for all milongas


Included in the marathon price:

– all marathon milongas, including pre milonga and after milonga

-40 hours of music prepared by excellent DJs,

-balance of dancers 50/50

-perfect and proven wooden parquet, dance zone 220m2, relaxation zone 300m2

– hot meals from the beginning of the marathon: Friday, Saturday (soup, second course)

– salty and sweet snacks, lots of fruit, water, espresso coffee, drinks and biscuits

– Afterparty with dinner

Sunday Afternoon & Afterparty –
– package available after registration for the price €34 (150zł)

Sunday Afternoon milonga €23 (100zł)payable upon entry,
Afterparty for guests – €18 ( 80 zł) payable upon entry,
Preparty for guests – €10 ( 50 zł) payable upon entry