German Nemoljakin

Tango music is incredibly powerful. I look for power in every track I play, no matter if it`s guardia vieja or guardia nueva. An approach which proved to be successful at numerous milongas and festivals in Ukraine and Europa.

Solomiya Humetska: I’ve been into tango for 8 years, 5 of which I DJed at the milongas in Ukraine (Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa). If you asked me why I’d started dancing tango and DJing, I’d say that it’s all because of music – it’s enchanted me and the magic still hasn’t withered away. I love versatility of Troilo, I respect the depth of Pugliese’s drama and Demare’s philosophy, I relish the infinite lyricism of Di Sarli and the tenderness of Fresedo, I admire the airiness of De Angelis, the vigor of D’Arienzo and unpredictability of Biagi… When playing at milongas, I offer everyone to experience all these emotions on the dance floor.

Solomiya Humetska

Marta Wójcicka

Dj from Cracow, with few years of experience, during which she played in multiple events in Poland and abroad, including: Serbia, Montenegro, Czech Republic or Netherlands. She believes that the role of musicalizador on the milongas requires being attentive and observant. About myself: For me, DJ-ing at the milongas is a constant cooperation – I give my energy to the dancers, and at the same time I am inspired by them. I try to adapt my music choices respecting dancers’ expectations. What I love the most about being a DJ is that each milonga becomes an individual story, in creation of which I can participate . I play music mostly from Golden Age and select my tandas observing what is happening on the dancefloor. Apart from tango music, I pay a lot of attention to the cortinas, which also influence the mood of the evening.

Dagmara (DagKa La Polaca) spent many years working in the Balkan region. She dances Argentine Tango since 2005. Following the principle: if there is no tango organise it in 2011 she initiated Argentine tango in Sarajevo where she opened her first milonga “Pocas Palabras.” There she started her DJing adventure. She was DJing on milongas and festivals in Europe (Macedonia N., Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland), as well as on marathons, festivals and milongas in Argentina (Cordoba, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Tandil) and Chile. “I love the Golden Era… what can I do” – Dagmara always follows what happens on the dance floor sensing the feelings of the dancers and on the go prepares tandas, breaking the stereotypes but the same time assuring that each note takes your soul to dance.

Dagmara Pilaszek

Ayad Zia

Inspired by my love for the dance and music. My playing style and my selection of music is the result of few years of experimenting. My selections are based on the feeling what dancers would like to dance to, so I often play a mix: classical tango music performed by new and old orchestras, flowing with energy to have an opportunity to make the best of every milonga. I am a big fan of the Golden Era music but I am also constantly looking in different music to create an atmosphere and a mood enough to satisfy many tastes so everyone could have the satisfaction of dancing. My favourite orquestras are Anibal Troilo, Juan D’Arienzo and Osvaldo Pugliese and also contemporary performances of orchestras such as Sexteto Milonguero or Romantica Milonguera.

Tino Giuseppe Iacovino, I have been a musical supervisor since 2008. In the evenings I prefer music from the 30s and 40s. The main feature is the musical selection full of energy and romanticism to fully enjoy the miracle of tango, both instrumental and sung.

Tino Giuseppe lacovino

Nathan Leptin

My DJ journey started in 2014, when I DJed for a couple of different milongas in my then-hometown of Muenster. Ever since, I’ve collected experiences in many different places both in Germany and  other Countries in and around Europe. I DJ regularly on different Milongas in my hometown Hamburg.
When I DJ I feel like I’m dancing with the whole crowd. The flow of energy from and towards the people on the dancefloor gives me a passion that is just as intense as my passion for the dance and music of Tango itself. I try to balance out rythm and melody, though I must admit to be leaning towards the faster and more energetic section of tango music.

….Magdalena is an Experienced International tango dj with a deep musical knowledge! Her soft positive personality and influence of all musical stiles make her stable and essential! Mainly her tango is romantic! Based on deep feelings! Sweetness, Delicacy,and Loveliness mixed with strong expressions of Drama and Musicality! She is exceptional to keep high level during her playing and able to give joy to all music lovers! Always surprising with a stile and harmonies…

Magdalena Konieczna