Alessandro Grill

Alessandro is a very traditional Tango Dj. With his Tanda selections, he is able to create a flow that involves everybody on the dancing floor. He likes people feeling transported by the music, feeling surrounded by the positive and energetic mood. Elegance is the common theme of his Tanda selections, both for very rhythmical and energetic, to sentimental and passionate music.

He started djing more than 10 years ago in Buenos Aires by studying the main orchestras, and tango djing paradigms. He continued djing in local Milonga’s in Rome and abroad, as well as in several tango festivals, marathons and encuentros abroad Italy and Europe.

Alessandro is a great collector of tango vinyls and shellacs records (78 RPM), that he records and play during his djsets to make the sound quality unforgettable for your ears. He was organizer of several local Milongas, and currently runs SPQR Tango Marathon in Rome.

tanguera, tango teacher and tango DJ (Kyiv, Ukraine)

My passion for tango music was immediate – from the first milonga I surrendered to it. For over 10 years, I enjoyed it as a dancer at milongas and tango festivals in the US, Europe, as well as on my trips to Buenos Aires. Drawn to the roots of tango music, I wanted to comprehend what is/was tango for porteños? how did Argentinians create it? how did tango music change over the years? Six years ago I started DJ-ing believing that a good DJ combines the tradition, the knowledge of tango music, and understanding of dancers, among other things.

Interpreting the music could be exciting or challenging for dancers. As a tango DJ, I want to see all dancers enjoying themselves at the dancefloor, each of us with our own experience and expectations. I aim to see that the music connects people at milonga, whether they are dancing, listening or just enjoying the evening. Then the magic of the milonga happens. Then Tango happens.

Tatiana TatiVany

Matteo Marotta

“I live music like dance … a wonderful trip made of energy, pure emotions, passion, alchemy. Music is the most intimate expression of who we are, our deepest harmony. A portrait. I love to immerse myself in the Milonga, feel it within, milonguero and Dj, the Tango in your embrace, back in time, our heart dances, our soul dances”

Katerina Yegorenkova (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
It’s not just about love – I adore tango! I love dancing tango, listening to it, singing tango songs and playing tango-music at milongas. The most important thing for me is people who came to a milonga. I want tangueros to be happy during the dance night so I follow deliberately the mood of the dance-floor, I listen to its “breathing” and play tandas “here and now” with no set-up playlists.
From my point of view, a milonga is an integral piece of music, built according to all the rules of theatrical and dramatic art: plot, plot development, culmination, denouement, epilogue… I believe that it is the dance floor that dictates the choices to the DJ, not other way around. Thus, I neither program my music in advance of the event, nor I attempt to ‘educate’ or ‘challenge’ the dancers. My only goal is to deliver the best danceable music and abundant energy to the floor.
Nothing can give me more pleasure than a floor full of people having a good time from the first tanda to the last tanda, without a single exception.
I have been dancing tango since 2012 and have been playing as a tango-DJ since 2014.

Katerina Yegorenkova

Łukasz Laskowski

Łukasz Tango has been associated with tango for so long that the oldest highlanders do not even remember. In his musical choices he pays attention to building the mood on the dance floor and maintaining positive energy. What will play this time? He does not know, because the list of songs is created on an ongoing basis. One thing is certain: He prefers classical works of well-known and respected masters.

Tino Giuseppe Iacovino, I have been a musical supervisor since 2008. In the evenings I prefer music from the 30s and 40s. The main feature is the musical selection full of energy and romanticism to fully enjoy the miracle of tango, both instrumental and sung.

Tino Giuseppe lakovino

Mateusz Stach

Tango has been with me for 12 years. I started dancing and djing in Brzeg, where one of the biggest festivals in Poland- Magic of Tango- was held for many years. My passion was born there, my playing began at this magical festival, where at the beginning I played at all milongas.

 I play as I feel in my heart, I dance as the music flows, listening to every phrase, every instrument. To create a magical atmosphere, I watch the dancers, feel the emotions, and adjust my playing.

I make wonderful playlists from Golden Era songs, I love dynamic music and I can also slow down so that the milonga has all the shades.

The festival in Brzeg, where I was also its co-organizer for several years, taught me a lot,developed my passion. Nowadays I create a Magic Castle Tango Marathon in Książ on which this time I’ll try not youfail.

Designers of… emotions

Music selection has a lot to do with design. First comes the idea, then the design and its implementation. The selection of subsequent components of the whole to build a harmonious whole that is to reach the recipient and move his emotions. The project plays on the eyes … music on the ears but the effect is the same … causes either delight … or joy … sadness … rebellion … but always emotions. We like to play on emotions the mos

M&M Magda i Maciej

Marek Mućko

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